Film stills transferred to canvas, 150 x 300 cm, 2004.  



"For actor, photographer and painter Artur Gorishti, it is no coincidence that this black and white photograph is dominated by a human story that has its foundations in both fact and fiction. The two are combined in the imaginary and unstable atmosphere of a shocking environment. The narrative lies in the inevitable and continuous interconnection between the beginning and end of situations, states of being and objects themselves. What we see is the emotional situation of a family: the older figure becomes tired, burns out and collapses, while the younger one hopes, fantasizes and grows. The central panel depicts a room and two members of a family: the composition draws its tension from the actions of falling down and raising up. It is framed on either side by mirror images of a wrecked cement structure that stands in for the social environment. Its destruction cancels out light, life and clarity, and it has a powerful effect on the family scene, contrasting starkly with the sense of continuity conveyed by the girl’s penetrating gaze. The contrast between black and white suggests a break in the continuity of time and space during a certain period in history."


                                                                                                                                                 - Suzana Varvarica Kuka