Artur Gorishti began his acting career in Albania at age 21 with the lead role in Dora e Ngrohte (1983), a performance that earned him Best Actor and made the controversial film a landmark in Albanian cinema. Starring roles in Slogans (2001, Best New Talent, Cannes; Grand Prix, Tokyo International Film Festival), Father and Godfather (2007, Special Mention, Med Film Festival), and Bota (2014, Albania's entry for the 2016 Academy Awards)  are among his many collaborations with Albania’s most influential film and television directors.


Since 2006, Gorishti has continued his career on North American screens. In addition to playing a lead role in the movie Suzie (2007), he appeared in The Good Lie (2012) and Diego Star (2013). He has also played in popular Canadian and American television series such as XIII: The Conspiracy (2007), The Gentleman (2008), Blue Mountain State (2010), 30 Vies (2011), and The Fixer (2014). 


Show videos:


Bota (2014, dir: Iris Eleze and Thomas Logoreci)


Tunnel (2002, dir: Ilir Butka)


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